Call Sign Romeo

CALL SIGN ROMEO is an original story created by Sam Cortez and a new screenplay written by Paul Sinclair. Production is due to commence in the summer of 2020 in New Mexico. The movie is being produced by Uptone Pictures and Damascas Road Productions.

Creed meets Top Gun, as high school wrestler, Pete Miller, pursues his dream to fly jets at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis. He’ll need to win a state championship whilst navigating the challenges of his senior year, including his girlfriend going to West Point, facing his nemesis the Kid Hulk, as well as a bunch of Navy SEAL trainers that stand in his way. Will Pete achieve his goal of becoming a naval fighter pilot?


The Voyage

THE VOYAGE is an original story and contemporary TV drama series. The 90-minute pilot script has been written by Paul Sinclair.

It follows the trials and tribulations of two well-known families, the O’HARAS in New York, and the MALHOTRAS in Mumbai, and the interplay of cultures as their paths merge and collide. The aim of both families is to build the largest and most successful tour and leisure business in the world.

The focus of the story revolves around the launch of their new superliner and its voyages around the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.

The narrative arc of the series is the unfolding story of the families’ bold enterprise, combining their respective wealth and resources in order to dominate the cruise line business worldwide. Alongside this narrative runs the episodic story-of-the-week which draws its inspiration from the exotic ports visited along the way.

The Voyage TV series is being developed and co-produced with Uptone Pictures in North Carolina. Uptone is an award-winning feature film production company.


The Lotus & The Tiger

THE LOTUS & THE TIGER is an original screenplay written by Paul Sinclair.

One day, Dorji, a 60-year-old Buddhist scholar and yoga teacher in London, receives a letter from his elderly father in Bhutan. The last time he saw his father was almost fifty years ago, when he was 12 years old. He will never forget the day that his father turned his back on the world, and on him, took a vow of silence, and entered a monastery. Following on so soon after his mother’s mysterious death, Dorji suddenly found himself completely alone, rudderless and confused.

And now, 50 years on, his father wants to see him again. He also wants to see his 21-year-old granddaughter, Tashi, someone he has never met before.

Tashi has nothing but bad feelings about her grandfather, but something inside is nagging her to find out what really happened all those years ago.

The Lotus and the Tiger is an adventure thriller movie that delves deeply into the mysterious world of myth and magic.


Nothing & Everywhere

Nothing & Everywhere (a screenplay written by Paul Sinclair, Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon & Jacob Larch) is a modern-day road movie and fast-paced comic thriller, adapted from Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon’s novel. It has qualities reminiscent of Reservoir Dogs, Seven Psychopaths and Domino.

Framed for murder and pursued by killers, a novice writer, a beautiful American mathematician and a turncoat mercenary join forces to protect a powerful scientific discovery; they must also prove their innocence and thwart the corrupt British police, the Russian Mafia and the CIA agents that are hunting them, by journeying into the enemy’s lair.

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